Sunday, June 3, 2012

Community Building on Facebook Pages and drive at your site

There are a ton of Facebook business, organizational, celebrity and personal pages which hare trying recklessly to drive traffic to their official websites by building or want to build a handsome community on their pages. Let me just cut the crap and explain in short that why this trend is is being so popular in e-Marketing era. You can counter question it like ‘Why not Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin or any other?’ There a simple answer to it.  ‘You are the audience. You all are the freaking dynamic users of Facebook and you chose Facebook over all these networking sites so be it’. Now this question answered I’ll come to the bizarre repetitive incognizant community building activities going on facebook these days which may have thousands of fans building up on facebook pages these days and ROI is nil. It’s even less than 50 clicks per month. 

If you just for a second think that the person who gives you one like on Facebook page is a living being; a human just like you then you would understand that why there is no traffic on your website though there are so many fans on your page. Its because they upon your request becomes a fan of that page and forget forever that they became the fans ever. You need to let them know that they are not just fans you are also fan of them. You need to make them feel important of themselves. Here lies the real truth. 

Let me give you the essential essence points of a true Facebook page fan building audience:

  1. Make sure when you create a business facebook page you are making a facebook business profile and a facebook group along with that too.
  2. Make sure that you work on your profile at initial basis rather than on your page. You page is design and developed and you carry on with your daily regular posts even though with one fan in it but you need to build up a profile of the same context the page name is. 
  3. Start adding people within your target market or who you think are the possible match for your target audience. Add people up for a week. After a week add them in your Facebook group. You can add members in a group even if it’s an open or a closed one. You just need to enter all the friends from profile. Once you do it. Send all of them a group message of an introduction about you and your business.
  4. Make sure you use different interesting catchy posts and polls to attract the attention of your newly added friends. At first don’t focus on your business promotion because that’s the least what your friends would want to see first and here people make blunders and lose their audience forever who are added in your friends list but are as numb as possible.
  5. Now make sure you are tracking the active audience in your facebook group and profile. After two weeks send them all a facebook page request.
  6. This procedure should never end and should keep on coming hot and on the GO.
  7. Encourage your friends and fans to share your posts, images or videos from time to time. Make sure you are asking them to share something which is the hot talk of time. Don’t promote boring and always professional posts.
  8. On your Group take start Discussion about interesting topic which intrigues your audience to participate like, introduction of their business, what is their favourite vocational activity etc etc.
  9. Change profile and cover photos after every five days or a week at most.
  10. Profile status or Page status should be updated after every two days.
  11. Know the difference between tagging and over tagging: Make sure you are only tagging your friends who won’t get offend or won’t mind you tagging them. Otherwise don’t take this risk at all.
  12. Make sure your Page’s posts are done frequently and on daily basis. You should at least do three posts a day. That’s a minimum number I am talking about.
  13. Whenever there is a feedback from your friends, members or fans on any of your post, comment them right away and make sure your giving value to their opinions and suggestions. Even if you have to disagree with them just make sure you are virtually respecting what they say.
  14. If you are socially active on portals like blog, YouTube or any Ad posting website make sure you are updating your Facebook posts with your ads, videos and blog feeds too.
  15. Research is part of Facebook community building for pages. As you know that Facebook do frequent changes at times like settings change, wall features changes and stuff like that. Make sure you are using updated applications and researching from time to time about the trends of facebook page applications and use them soon.  A piece of fact is even if people criticize this thing but it definitely creates a lot of buzz around and this can be used as an amazing tactic to attract your audience.

You have to come at last to your final goal achievement thing which is to use Page and Group messaging system to update your members and fans about your business products and services and any changes and updates you are having on your website. Request them once a week to visit your site and provide you feedback. 


  1. Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
    ~Napoleon Hill~
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  2. Following yours too now. and Nice quote above there. Dusana

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